Josh’s Official Road Trip Driving Rider

I have just arrived home from a trip to Tasmania. In eight days, we travelled over 1,250 kilometres. I decided to retrospectively create a rider that reflects my food consumption on the road trip.

I showed the below list to Bree. She had two pieces of feedback: “Driving Rider?…That doesn’t make sense” and “I didn’t have a whole bag of Minties. Your list implies I ate a whole bag”.

To address these concerns:

1) I think the confusion comes from Bree not knowing what a rider is. To be fair, I had been calling it a “writer” moments earlier. Now that I have Googled the correct word, I can tell you (with a level of smugness and authority): A rider is a list — think demands — that you’d typically see from a big-shot band or celebrity. You’ve probably heard of some bands that demand ridiculous things like one colour of M&Ms sorted into a bowl (you’ll be happy to know that I’m A LOT more reasonable).

2) While Bree didn’t eat the whole pack of Minties, she was the only one eating them (I don’t like Minties). By the end of the trip, there weren’t many left.

So, with those concerns now addressed, here’s Josh’s Official Road Trip Driving Writer Rider.

– Salted nuts
– Liquorice Logs (the ones that give me heartburn)
– Homemade Monte Carlo biscuit
– Cheap chocolate containing desiccated coconut (sometimes referred to as coconut rough)
– Paleo peanut butter cookie
– Coke Zero (I’m watching my calorie consumption) Bottle x 2 (600ml)
– Mount Franklin Water Bottle x 2 (1 litre)
– 1 bag of Minties (for the co-driver)
– One container of dark chocolate coated raspberries from the raspberry farm (containing no actual real raspberries)

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