Coming Soon: My Daily Rituals

So, you’re a professional grown-up, with a real job, real responsibilities and most importantly, real rituals that you do everyday of the week.

In preparation for this day, I’ve spent the last five years listening to audiobooks, podcasts and reading websites to make sure that I’m doing it right.

Rather than waiting for my grown-up rituals to be implemented, I’ve decided to release it early!

Disclaimer: Some of these rituals I have already implemented, like email, showering and eating.

Here it is:


6:00am – Wake up to electronic free bedroom with no alarm.
6:05am – Drink 1 litre of cold lemon water.
6:10am – Meditate (TM) for 20 minutes.
6:30am – Write in my gratitude journal.
6:40am – Stretch using my foam roller. (buy a foam roller here)
7:00am – Walk for 45 minutes listening to a podcast or audiobook. Get coffee from my local cafe on the way.
7:45am – Arrive home at the same time as my girlfriend (who has been at the gym) Cook breakfast. High protein. High Fat. Greens.
8:05am – Sit with girlfriend. Read out gratitude journal while eating breakfast together. Read RSS feed of curated blogs from my iPad.
8:45am – Shower. Starting with a warm temperature. Finishing for 2 minutes on cold.
8:55am – Put on clothes (prepared the night before)
9:00am – Take a seat in my home office. Work for 1 hour (undistracted) on a task set the night prior.
10:00am – Check email for the first time that day. Use standing desk.
10:30am – Respond to important emails and flag email that I’ll reply at a later date.
11:00am – Any client phone calls. Using headphones to avoid arm strain and to allow for note taking.
11:45am – Check back on important emails.


Midday – Walk to the local shops to buy groceries for lunch and dinner. Buy meat from Cannings, or similar organic, free range, grass-fed expensive butcher.
12:45pm – Cook lunch. Typically chicken or tuna with greens and salad dressing that I make fresh for the week on Sunday.
1:00pm – Eat lunch and check Instagram.
1:30pm – Add meat to the slow cooker (Lamb shoulder or similar)
1:45pm – Work on edit (distraction free). Drink tea. (no caffeine after 4pm, guys!)
3:45pm – Send client new edit. Check email and respond to important emails. Flag emails to deal with later.
4:15pm – Client phone calls.
5:00pm – Stretch and walk at the park.
5:45pm – Prepare salad for dinner. If I have time, create new zany dressing that’s different to lunch. If I don’t have time, use the one from Sunday.


6:15pm – Girlfriend arrives home. Chat about the day while we set the table.
6:30pm – Eat dinner. No electronics. Phones out of sight!
7:30pm – Tidy the apartment and do any washing. (listening to Apple Music)
8:30pm – Sit down on the couch. Check emails and catch up on my RSS feed subscriptions and Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.
9:30pm – No electronics after 9:30! Have a shower.
9:45pm – Read a book until tired.
10:30pm – Sleep.